"Bad Apple" XR Ford Falcon

Bad Apple

TOP NEWS – Grant Connor’s Ford Falcon XR “Bad Apple” has been unveiled. Built by the crew at Knights Garage Keep posted for the results on how it has fared through the judging process at this year’s 2016 SUMMERNATS 29, on now in Canberra. Bring it on……… Bad Apple shirts available – make sure you call the Knights Garage office to reserve your size or drop in to see Fiona from Tuesday 12th January 2016.


1st Top Super Street Car

1st for People Choice Award

3rd for Top Interior

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ELITE STREETER Grant Connor’s XR Falcon

With a Mazda RX-2, Nissan 200SX and a ’36 Plymouth occupying space in Grant Connor’s shed over the years, it was anyone’s guess what would end up as his next project. And while his latest automotive love was only ever supposed to be a knockabout streeter, steel bumper fans are in for a treat come Friday night when the covers come off Grant’s amazing XR Falcon.

“I’ve had my XR since about 2011. It was a street driven car back then with a tough engine. To be honest I only took it in to Des and the boys at Knights Garage so they could roll the guards to clear a set of wheels I had on it that were scrubbing. Two years later it’s turned into this. It’s amazing. I love it! The boys have put a lot of hours in and it’s been a good experience. The best thing was having somebody as good as Des in your hometown without having to send it to a major city. I’ve had work done on cars remotely before and it hasn’t always gone to plan so I’m lucky in that sense."

Experienced fabricator and car builder, Des Knight, said Grant’s vision for the car has evolved over the years. “I’ve known Grant for ages as a local car guy. He’s always had nice cars and he came and saw us about two years ago to roll the rear guards cos he had these 20in wheels that were rubbing. We fixed that and then he came back because he was thinking about a paintjob. It became clear he wanted to go to the next level… so that’s what we did. It’s now on even bigger wheels too! The build is a street elite style. It’s basically Grant’s take on what would be the ultimate street car.” Falcon fans should be prepared for a mix of masterful engineering and custom touches in billet and paint that are outside the norm in a sea of GTs.